Carolle Blackwell
Earth and Fire - ceramic sculptures
photo of detail of a haniwa
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I make ceramic sculptures in stoneware clay, which is dug from local cornish claypits at st agnes. The sculptures are suited to standing outside in the garden or on a paved area,complimented by plants. The high firing temperature ensures that they are frostproof. The sculptures are approx 20 inches in height. They are called ‘haniwa’ which is japanese for ‘clayrings’ - their basic shape being a cylinder, built up in rings of clay slabs. The face, with its serene expression suggests calm and contemplation. They are guardians and protectors - it is up to the spectator to decide what it is that they are protecting. Each one is unique - as each one is handbuilt.

Haniwas are also made in smaller sizes, too, for display indoors.

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